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Garden Planting Service in Golders Green NW11, North West London

  • Time: 2 Hours
  • Team: two landscape gardeners 
  • Materials: evergreen bushes and compost supplied 
  • Waste: Packed and recycled 

Planting service our gardeners did for Anne at her place in Golders Green NW11, North West London.

Anne initially reached us as she was looking for local and reliable gardeners to maintain her garden regularly. She found our website on the internet and sent us a couple of emails to arrange a survey and meet our staff in person.

On the day we have discussed all the details on how the garden should be looked after, the time between visits and other logistics. Right after we have introduced Anne to another customer of ours living on the same street just a few houses away as she needed to speak with a current client of ours, obtain some feedback and get a reference.

Our North West London gardeners did the first garden maintenance for Anne, and she absolutely loved what our team did with the place.

This summer there was a big bug invasion in London which affected evergreen bushes and plants in pretty much every single garden within the city. Anne asked us to spray one of her side beds and help her save her evergreens, but unfortunately, it was already too late, and they were gone. The only option was to replace the bushes with new ones.

The garden planting service was done in three stages:

Stage 1. Removal of dead plants

Before planting new evergreen bushes, our landscape gardeners had first to remove the old and dead ones. After uprooting them, they were packed in bags and recycled as per customer's request.

Stage 2. Enrich the compost

A mandatory step before the actual planting is to enrich the existing garden soil with a compost designed especially for planting. The new layer of compost is enriched with minerals and will help and support the growth of newly planted bushes.

Stage 3. Delivery and Planting

All new evergreen bushes got supplied and delivered by our Golders Green gardeners on the day and planted right after. Planting was done in a certain way to form a hedge matching the look of the one that our customer already have in the other raised bed in the garden.

Planting Service in North West London Summary

The garden planting service was performed in two hours in total. Anne was extremely happy with her new evergreen bushes and the work we have done for her. Our team also gave her a watering schedule and maintenance instructions to make sure new plants will grow the right way and last for an extended period of time.

Ready to enrich your garden landscape and get some new plants?

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