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About Ivan and Sons Gardeners

Skilled, local, and affordable gardening services in North London.

Ivan and Sons Gardeners is a small family-owned and operated garden maintenance and landscaping business based in Upper Edmonton, London N18 1AY.

For the past 8 years, we have completed 1500+ projects. The experience we gained helps us focus on our primary goal – building a long term relationship with our customers and achieving the highest level of satisfaction.

Ivan and Sons Gardeners North London

Our Journey


Our gardening journey has started

We have always loved spending time outside, so we took a step further and joined a gardening company to gain some experience and turn our hobby into a profession.


Became a Franchisee Contractor

It was time to go full all in and invest in our gardening venture. We bought transit vehicles and equipment and signed a Franchisee agreement with a large home services company. 


We launched the garden business we always dreamed of

After working 3 years for a major brand, we had enough. We decided that we want to work on our own terms and provide long-term affordable, high quality, local garden maintenance, and landscaping services. Ivan and Sons Gardeners were launched. It was a tough call, but looking back, it was the best decision we ever made as a family.

Meet The Team

The talent behind Ivan and Sons Gardeners


Owner and garden landscape guru


Son and chief landscape gardener


Son and chief landscape gardener


Garden specialist

Our Values

We adore our clients

And appreciate every "thank you note" you send us

But what we love the most is creating beautiful gardens.

We love what we do and enjoy every moment spent working outdoors

We live and breathe gardening

Ivan and Sons Gardeners' Skills

we mow

we paint

we deck

and brand pose

we plant

we fence

we path

and always art

we turf

we concrete

we brick

& pave even when it rains

we trim

we cut

we move

and fight wasps

we wash

we sand

we climb high

and higher

we blow

we cultivate

we water

and photobomb

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