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Expert Garden Decking Installation in North London

If you would like to refresh your overall garden landscape, you should definitely consider our garden decking in North London. Ivan and Sons Gardeners' decking installation services will bring a finished look to your outdoor space and will increase the value of your home.

Garden decking is easy to maintain and brings comfort to any home! We have more than 7 years of experience in decking installation, maintenance, protection, and repairs.

The Most Frequently Requested Decking Services we Perform Are:

garden decking in North London
  • Garden decking - Go outside and enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of your own deck;
  • Raised decking - If you’ve always fancied the raised structures and wanted one for yourself, now you can. It may help connect your home’s level and the garden’s or simply add an exciting feature to your home;
  • Decking stairs - Depending on the difference between the levels, having decking stairs may help and bring a more comfortable passage from your home to the outside area. Enjoy custom-made wooden staircase right for your needs;
  • Roof decking - If you have unused roof space or you’re wondering how to gain the most of it, then roof decking might be just for you. With it, you can have extra space in your home to spend outdoors or to host parties similar to the ones in the movies.

Types of Deckings We Can Build For You

Hardwood and softwood deckings

Hardwood and softwood deckings are incredibly pleasing to the eye and give the feeling of being even closer to nature in your garden. When properly cared for, they can last between 25 and 35 years. Softwood decking is usually made of quick-growing wood, most often coniferous. They are easy to shape and prepare and are generally cheaper.

Hardwood decking is made from slower-growing trees and is normally more expensive. The difference between the two is most often the price. Both types of decking and made similarly with almost the same durability, making softwood a slightly preferred choice.

Composite decking

Composite deckings are created by a mix of wood chippings and recycled plastic. They are entirely eco-friendly since new trees do not have to get cut down to create it.

They only use wood leftover materials and the leftovers from other manufacturing processes. The most significant advantage of composite deckings is they require close to zero maintenance in terms of oiling or staining.

They do not lose colour from the sun and UV. The only maintenance needed for this decking is regular cleaning. Pressure washing will keep it clean, and moulds, moss, algae, and fungi will not bother you at all, should you choose to go with composite decking.

Get Your New Garden Decking Installed in 4 Simple Steps


Contact us and arrange an on-site visit with our landscape professional. The survey will be completely free of charge and obligation.


During the viewing, our decking specialist will take the required measurements and discuss your ideas and vision for your project. The landscape designer will also give you some valuable tips and decking ideas if needed.


After our survey, you will receive a written quotation from us, including labour, materials, and waste collection.


Should you decide to proceed with our proposed project for the area, we will agree on a suitable date and time of arrival. A team of professional decking installers will arrive and carry out the service.

All decking installation services include providing all the necessary tools and equipment. We will also supply all materials for the job. Once you welcome our team and grant them access to the garden area, you are not obliged to stay and supervise our team.


Enjoy your new garden decking!

Other Decking Services We Can Perform For You

Apart from decking installation, we are skilled and prepared to provide many other services you may also need, such as:

  • Decking repairs - Repairing your existing decking often comes much cheaper than replacing the entire thing. Should you only need a few worn out or broken decking boards replaced, we are here to help; 
  • Decking staining - If the wood on your deck is discoloured a fresh coat is just what the doctor ordered. To keep your decking for longer, it is required to treat the wood every now and then. Staining helps with UV protection, keeps moisture out, and protects it from damage from the earth elements; 
  • Decking oiling - It helps improve the water and dirt resistance of your wood. Deck oiling will ensure a longer life and improve your deck looks. It will be as new and fresh as the day it got installed;
  • Jet washing - Regular pressure jet cleaning ensures the removal of moss, algae, and accumulated dirt. Washing will not only help you maintain the look of your wood, but will help preserve it in time. 

Local Decking Installers in North London Near You

Choose Ivan and Sons Gardeners' services and enjoy a team of expert decking installers and fitters living and operating in North London.

We always stand proud behind our work and guarantee it with our name. To employ us you don't have to worry about any project requirements. We can do it all for you!

From replacing a single deck board to preparing a quotation and the project plan for everything, you need to get done in your home. Simply arrange for a few moments with our decking professionals to discuss your vision and requirements and leave the rest to us!

Our landscape gardeners are fully qualified, insured, and reference checked. They are also prompt, polite, and friendly. You will find there are no hidden barges, even for weekend appointments.

We will help make your vision come true so you can fully enjoy your outdoor space to its maximum potential.

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