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If your patio or decking is not looking to its best, Ivan and sons gardeners will pressure wash it and give it a new fresh look. Our technicians are equipped with the latest powerful jet washing machines that can clean all outdoor surfaces such as:

  • All types of decking areas;
  • Patios;
  • Driveways;
  • Garden paths;
  • Paved areas;
  • Wooden fences or fence panels;
  • Concrete and brick walls up to 2.5 – 3 meters in height;
  • Benches, tables, chairs and other types of garden furniture.
jet washing services North London

Pressure washing equipment is so powerful that it can remove all dust, dirt, grime, and even moss, tiny weeds, and algae.

How Jet Washing North London Service Works?

Our pressure washing and patio cleaning service is not an hourly based one, which means that you do not pay for the time spent but when the job got done, and the area cleaned perfectly.

The technician who will attend will measure the area that needs attention, and based on the size, he will confirm the service's final cost. Please note that access to an external or internal water source is mandatory, along with proper drainage where the dirt and water can leak.

We charge £3/sq.m. but please bear in mind that our minimum call-out charge is £60. *Minimum charge for jet washing does not apply when service is combined with a garden maintenance or garden clearance. 

Curious What Results to Expect From Our Pressure Washing Services?

Why Choose Our Local Patio Cleaners in North London?

  • The cost of service is based on the size of the cleaned area
  • Perfectly cleaned area with minimum water usage
  • Service can get performed even in bad weather
  • Local, honest and dependable
  • Eco-friendly, no chemicals or detergents are used whatsoever
  • By hiring us, you support a local jet washing company in North London

Ready to get your patio professionally cleaned?

Need Help?

All patio pressure washing questions feel free to address to the following Ivan and Sons Gardeners' team members:


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