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A well-maintained green and healthy lawn significantly add value and appeal to a property. We know that lawn maintenance requires a lot of work but Ivan and Sons Gardeners can assist you when you are in need of lawn care in North London.

Our current list of lawn care services includes:

  • Domestic lawn mowing – Residential grass cutting using high-quality and mobile petrol-powered lawn mowers. Our most popular service yet;
  • Commercial lawn mowing – The perfect answer if you are in need of having a large area of grass mowed for a short period of time. Our landscape gardeners are equipped with commercial ride-on lawn mowers which allows us to mow huge grass areas fast and efficiently;
  • Lawn striping – Want a beautiful and stripe lawn like the one you see on those football fields? Ivan and Sons Gardeners are always walking the extra mile when it comes to customer service and now you can enjoy lawn stripes as a part of our lawn mowing services;
  • Core lawn aeration – Perforating the turf and soil can be extremely beneficial to your grass. Aeration has a number of advantages in improving the overall health of your lawn such as providing the grass roots with greater access to water, air and fertilizer. It also helps to control the amount of fetch in your lawn. The process is done with a tool called core aerator but it is also known as grass aerator. As a bare minimum, you should aerate your lawn at least once a year but we strongly recommend soil aeration twice yearly in order to avoid soil compaction. Early spring and fall should be ideal;
  • Top dressing – The main reason for grass topsoiling is lawn support and feeding. The process also levels the turf, removing all area hums and bumps, improve grass drainage. Best time to perform a top dressing is early spring before the weather gets too hot;
  • Lawn Scarification – A mechanical way to remove all thatch from the turf allowing its roots to breathe and thrive. Scarifying is typically done when the grass is actively growing;
  • Seasonal lawn feeding – Support you grass and extend its life between seasons by applying lawn fertilizer;
  • Lawn edgingAdd some style to your garden by separating your grass area with elegant borders.

How lawn care and commercial mowing in North London are done?

Domestic and commercial lawn mowing services we provide are hourly based ones. A team of two, fully-equipped professional gardeners perform the service. For the first hour of work, we charge £50, and every subsequent hour is another £50.

Core lawn aeration, top dressing, lawn scarification, seasonal lawn feeding and lawn edging quotations are given only after a Free one on one on-site consultation with a surveyor of ours.

  • Latest petrol-powered lawn mowers, no electricity needed
  • Price includes all tools and equipment needed for the project
  • One on one Free no-obligation on-site consultation
  • Local, honest and dependable
  • 7 days a week availability