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Decking Staining Service in Islington N1, North London

Decking protection our landscaping gardeners did for Perdo at his home in Islington, N1.

Pedro found our gardening company as he needed regular garden maintenance. He has a relatively small garden but doesn't have the time to keep it in shape by himself. He found our website and book a trial session to test our gardening services. After the first visit, Pedro liked what our landscaping gardeners did with his place and set up ongoing maintenance service.

During one of the services, our garden specialists noticed that his decking lost its natural wood colour and offered Pedro to stain the decking and he accepted.

There are many benefits of having your decking protected. Here are some of them:

  • Varnishing or staining prolongs the life of your decking;
  • Deck staining costs are much lower comparing to having a new decking installed;
  • Protected deckings reduce algae formation and require less maintenance.

Decking protection service was performed in two stages:

Stage 1. Pressure washing

In order for decking to be varnished or stained, it needs to be pressure cleaned first. During the regular garden maintenance, we do at the place our staff sprayed the decking with jet wash equipment and left it as it needs to be completely dry before the treatment.

Stage 2. Applying the decking sealant

At the beginning of our next garden care in Pedro's home, our North London landscape gardeners applied the deck stain before doing the other garden work. The wooden deck boards needed just a couple of hours to dry.

Decking Protection Summary

Our customer Pedro was delighted with the new look of his garden. The refreshed natural colour of his garden decking complimented ideally the neat and tidy garden.

You can't tell whether decking was built now or a few years ago, can't you?

If you have an old garden deck that needs a bit of attention, but you are running on a budget, do not hesitate to contact us. Our expert garden designers will fully restore its initial look with a simple deck repair or protection.

Ready to refresh your garden decking?