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Garden Fence Installation Service in Golders Green NW11, North West London

  • Time: 1 Day
  • Team: two landscape gardeners 
  • Materials: Fence boards, brackets and others 
  • Waste: Collected and recycled 

Garden fencing service our team did for Lauren at her home in Golders Green NW11, North West London.

Lauren found Ivan and Sons Gardeners online a few months ago as she was looking for affordable and skilled local gardeners to maintain her outdoors regularly.

She spoke with Steve (one of our landscape technicians) and requested more info about our services.

Like most clients, Lauren asked whether she can speak with some of our current customers and get some feedback about our work and recommendations.

We have introduced her with a couple of clients we serve living on the same street, and after speaking with them, she decided to go ahead and book ongoing garden maintenance.

During one of the visits, our gardeners noticed that the fence was quite old and broken. We took the measurements and gave Lauren a fence repair quote, which she quickly accepted.

The fencing service got completed in four stages:

Stage 1. Removal of the old fence and waste disposal

Our North West London landscaping gardeners removed the old fence panels and took them away for recycling.

Stage 2. Reinforcement of the posts

To keep the service as cost-effective as possible, our staff decided to use the existing concrete posts as they were in excellent condition.

Technicians just relocated and reinforced the posts to make sure they are correctly fixed.

Stage 3. Fence installation

Since Lauren's fence was not a standard size, gardeners had to build and use six custom close board panels themselves. After panels got put together, landscapers mounted the panels to the concrete posts, and the new 4.5 meters in length fence was ready.

Stage 4. Branch trimming

There were quite a lot of overhanging tree branches above the newly installed fence, which could damage it. Our team carefully pruned them to a safe level, so they are no longer a risk for the fence.

Garden Fencing Service in North West London Summary

Our landscape gardeners managed to complete the fence repair service for just one day, and Lauren was thrilled and very happy with her new fence.

It's looking pretty good, isn't it?

If the wind has blown away a few panels of your fence and it needs a bit of attention, or you need a brand new fence installed, make sure you contact us. Ivan and Sons Gardeners is a reliable fencing company in North West London, delivering high-quality fences at affordable rates.

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