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Garden Maintenance in North London for Tidy Outdoor Space

We know you are busy, and time is running way too fast. Our garden maintenance in North London is the perfect fit for you, saving you time and efforts no matter you are a homeowner or you are just renting.

You don't have to the gardening yourself, our experienced gardeners will take care and tidy up the place for you whether your grass is out of control, shrubbery and weeds went way too high, or hedges need to be trimmed and shaped, we can do it all.

Ivan and Sons North London gardeners are really flexible. You can organize a quick and efficient one-time gardening service or have a team to maintain your garden on an ongoing basis.

Gardening services North London

As a Part of Our Garden Maintenance Services, we do:

  • Lawn care and mowing - Maintain the health of your lawn by trimming its top surface to stimulate growth and good aesthetics. Our local gardeners perform the grass cutting service using professional, top-notch mowers that achieve the best results and can even stripe your lawn; 
  • Weeding - Manual uprooting and removal of all weeds spiraling out of control and ruining the looks of your garden;
  • Hedge trimming - Cutting, pruning, and shaping all types of hedges. Our skilled gardeners will maintain and keep all your hedges in check, no matter the size, shape, and season. The telescoping equipment we use allow us to strip down and shape all hard to reach branches of your garden shrubs.;
  • Weed control - Our garden specialist will apply a weed killer solution to delay and limit weed growth; 
  • Tree care and removal - Trimming, pruning, crown size reduction, and maintenance of small trees (up to 4-5 meters in height). Our North London gardeners can also remove and dead trees in your garden and free up some space to improve the overall landscape of the place.
  • Bush and ivy maintenance - pruning, shaping and removal of rose bushes, wisteria, and creeping ivy plants;
  • Garden clearance;
  • Bamboo and invasive plants removal - Professional removal of pesky plants and bamboo using herbicides and mechanical equipment. Bamboo and other invasive plants can cause costly property damages if they are not taken care of on time. Very stubborn and hard to remove without proper qualification.
  • Leaf clearance - Autumn and winter leaf blowing and collection;
  • Garden waste removal - Upon completing every gardening appointment, a pile of green clippings is left from the service. We can collect and recycle the garden waste for an additional charge based on the volume, or gardeners can pack it in bags and leave it on-site for council collection.

How Ivan and Sons' Gardening Services in North London works?

Ivan and Sons gardeners provide hourly-based garden maintenance services. A team of two, fully-equipped professional gardeners perform the service. For the first hour of work, we charge £70, and every subsequent hour is another 60.

Garden Maintenance Prices

First hour

Subsequent hour

Team of two professional gardeners



Please Note

We do our best to survey as many gardens as possible, but there are so many hours in the day.

To put you on the calendar and serve you as fast as possible, we strongly suggest sending us a few garden photos that a garden specialist will estimate.

Based on your info, our staff will recommend how many hours to book and the charge for green waste disposal (if you would like us to take it away and recycle.)

Quotes are very accurate, and we always strive to match your budget.

Wondering What Results You Can Expect From Our Gardening Services?

Why Choose Our Local Gardeners in North London?

  • A team of two professional gardeners
  • Fully equipped with all the latest tools
  • 7 days a week availability
  • Local, honest and dependable
  • Fully insured
  • By hiring us you support local gardening company in North London

Ready to book a garden tydy up?

Need Help?

All garden maintenance questions feel free to address to the following Ivan and Sons Gardeners' team members:


tel. 07538607116

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