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We are a local and affordable gardening business that provide a full range of outdoor services such as garden maintenance, landscaping and garden design works, patio cleaning, lawn care, commercial mowing, planting, seasonal clearance, and gutter cleaning services.
Planting London - Ivan and Sons North London Gardeners


Bespoke planting and plant maintenance services for your home and office. Prices per project.

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Garden maintenance in North London

Garden Maintenance

Keep your garden nice and tidy and enjoy hassle-free service! From £45 for a team of 2 fully-equipped professionals.

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Jet Washing - Ivan and Sons North London Gardeners

Jet Washing

Ensure clean garden surfaces and get your patio, decking, fence and garden furniture pressure washed! Prices start from £2.5/sq.m.

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Landscaping North London

Landscaping and Garden Design

Complete range of landscaping services all designed to enhance the beauty of your garden. Prices per project.

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Lawn Care and Commercial Mowing - Ivan and Sons North London Gardeners

Lawn Care and Commercial Mowing

Your lawn represents your property. Let us take care and make you a pride home owner. Prices per project.

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Garden Clearance - Ivan and Sons North London Gardeners

Garden Clearance

Enjoy fast and efficient hard clearance or spring and fall cleanups, all in one go. Prices per project.

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We are fully equipped with all latest tools and ready to tackle any service when it comes to gardening.

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Share with us your dream garden vision and let us do the rest. We love challenges!

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7 Secrets to Keep Your Lawn Green and Healthy
13 Oct

7 Secrets to Keep Your Lawn Green and Healthy

There are many benefits of having a beautiful and healthy lawn. It produces oxygen and reduces carbon dioxide emissions, improves physical and mental health, filters rainwater, controls soil erosion and many more.

On the social side of things, a well kept and maintained lawn makes your neighbourhood look better and provide an excellent place for your family to hang out.

It can also increase the value of your property, especially if you are selling or renting the place.

But unlike an
end of tenancy cleaning in Oxford, keeping a neat, nice grass is more of a weekly activity than every once in a while occasion.

Here are our best secrets for a green, tidy and healthy lawn:

Use a Sharp Blade While Mowing

1. Use a Sharp Blade While Mowing

We highly recommend regularly sharpening the blades on your mower as dull ones will tear the grass instead of cutting it.

Damaged lawn turns yellow and requires a lot of nutrients, water and care to rejuvenate its appearance.

Aerate to Reduce Soil Compaction

2. Aerate to Reduce Soil Compaction

When grass gets too thick, nutrients and water can't penetrate the roots where they are needed.

Make holes in the grass to improve air circulation and allow nutrients and water to reach the root system.

Your Lawn Needs to Drink

3. Your Lawn Needs to Drink

Following a balanced lawn watering plan is essential as it helps the grass to develop deep healthy roots. Adjust your watering schedule depending on the season and ensure each session is "soaking" your lawn properly.

The best time of the day to water is early morning when the evaporation is low, and the grass has enough time to dry out before sunset.

Avoid watering late in the evening as the lawn is much more likely to promote mould and fungi.

Overseed The Patchy Areas

4. Overseed The Patchy Areas

During the fall or typically right after the winter, lawns get filled with brown, patchy areas caused by pets or pests.

Overseeding is the perfect solution to achieve a lovely, lush lawn. It is a process of taking grass seed spreading it evenly across your entire lawn area.

Re-seeding your yard also promotes lawn thickness, reduce the risks of soil erosion, pests and diseases.

Overseeding your grass is done in 3 simple steps:

  • Lawn mowing - you have to adjust your mower's blades and cut your grass a bit shorter; 
  • Applying a thin layer of soil on top of the lawn - before spreading grass seeds, it is highly recommended to use a thin layer of topsoil rich in minerals or rootzone mix to support the growth of new seeds;
  • Re-seeding - fill in your spreader and spread those seeds. 
Feed Your Lawn

5. Feed Your Lawn

Fertilise your lawn in the early spring to jump-start the grass rejuvenation process as it is exhausted from the winter. Autumn feeding sessions help to restore grass damages from the summer.

All light feedings in between help maintain health and growth.

Don't Forget to do The Edging

6. Don't Forget to do The Edging

Lawn edging is often overlooked but is a main factor in the overall grass and landscape appearance.

Besides its aesthetic functions, grass edges underline the lawn borders and prevent the turf from growing over the garden path or raised beds.

Edging also limits the weed growth into grass trims.

Eradicate Weeds

7. Eradicate Weeds

There are a few ways to treat and get rid of the pesky weeds invading your lawn:

  • Manual removal - pulling out the weeds by hand is the method that is proven to deliver the best and long-lasting results;
  • Weed killer spraying - different weeds require treatment with different chemicals. Apply herbicides with caution as they target and kill germinating seeds in the soil, but if you overdose, you might hurt your lawn along with the weeds; 
  • Mow your lawn regularly and treat it with natural herbicides - non-chemical weed killers are more suitable for the natural environment. 

Maintaining a tidy and gorgeous lawn is a continuous process, just like your home's regular cleaning in Balham.

It is not difficult but requires time and effort. If you struggle to find those and take care of your lawn yourself, feel free to
contact us and Ivan and Sons Gardeners will come and save the day.