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Astroturf Laying Service in Palmers Green N13, North London

  • Time: 4 Days
  • Team: three turf installers 
  • Materials: asttroturf, sharp sand, white pebbles, wooden boards and others 
  • Waste: Collected and recycled via skip 

Artificial grass installation service we performed for Gillian at her home in Palmers Green N13, North London.

Our client struggled to maintain her garden and keep it in shape, so she wanted to have an easy to maintain solution and invest her spare time elsewhere.

The two dogs she owns made the situation even more complicated as they play and relieve themselves in the garden.

Gillian went online and looked for a local landscaping company with excellent customer reviews and found Ivan and Sons Gardeners.

She submitted her info, and we came back to her and scheduled an on-site visit with garden designers of ours.

We discussed all the project details on the survey date, and our garden specialist suggested that the best solution will be to install astroturf in the garden. He also took all measurements, and we sent our customer an estimate including all costs involved, which she quickly accepted.

The artificial grass laying service got completed in three stages.

Stage 1. Removal of the old grass

The first step of the project was area clearance. Our landscape gardeners removed the existing grass and a few evergreen shrubs growing in the garden.

Stage 2. Area preparation and establishing a foundation

Before proceeding with the astroturf works, the surface had to be prepared. Our staff levelled the entire garden and applied a layer of sharp sand that will serve as a foundation for future astroturf.

Ivan and Sons' technicians also installed borders on both sides of the garden and laid white pebbles between one of the boards and the garden fence.

Stage 3. Collection and disposal of generated waste

Before starting the project, we organised and placed a skip in front of the property. Our staff loaded the old turf, soil, rocks and other waste generated from the service into the skip.

Stage 4. Artificial grass installation

As a final step of garden design works, we placed a sheet on top of the previously established sand base. Then our team jointed and glued 72 square meters of high-quality artificial grass to the sheet.

The astroturf got laid around the garden shed and an evergreen bush. 

Artificial Grass Installation in Palmers Green N13 Summary

We managed to complete landscaping works within four days, and Gillian was thrilled with the new looks of her garden.

The astroturf is almost indistinguishable from a real lawn, and our client can easily maintain the outdoor area after her dogs finish playing.

If you are looking to get a new lawn or astroturf laid in your garden at an affordable cost, make sure you contact us for a FREE quote. Ivan and Sons Gardeners is a local and reliable turf installation company since 2012.

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