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Expert Lawn Laying Services in North London For a Beautiful and Fresh Grass

Have you ever wanted a fresh green lawn like the one in the movies? You have come to the right place as our garden turfing in North London services are the best in business.

Here at Ivan and Sons Gardeners, we specialise in lawn laying, and there is no area too big or too small for us. All types of gardens and green patches are suitable for turfing, and with our services, you will have your dream lawn done in no time.

Lawn Replacement and Turfing Services Are Most Often Needed:

Garden Turfing in North London
  • When you are the proud owners of a new home and the garden needs a new fresh grass as part of the general landscape;
  • Towards the end of winter when the garden area is too big, and grass seeds are not up for the job;
  • If your need for greenery is slightly urgent and there is no time to go through the process of seeding;
  • If the season is not suitable for seeding – turfing has no seasonality and can be laid almost always.

What Does The Garden Turf Laying Process Look Like?

Once you’ve decided which garden turfing in North London is the most suitable option for your garden space, it’s time to start the process and to arrange our team to visit.

  • Area clearance and preparation - After an inspection of the property, our North London landscape gardeners will start with area clearance. They will also prepare the area where needed. Old grass, debris, weeds and anything else there will get removed to clear the ground and leave it bare;
  • Garden levelling - Once the area got cleared, the ground must be levelled. To even any slope or remove the occasional bumps in the ground, our turf layers will need to dig over the soil and remove/add somewhere required;
  • Soil turn over and aeration - Next phase of the garden turfing in North London service in supplying enough air within the soil. The ground will be rotavated 8 to 12 inches in depth using a rotavator or by hand, if there is no proper access for the equipment or the area is too small;
  • Adding a new layer of topsoil - New topsoil is needed as it adds essential minerals to the turf. With that, the root system can be established faster and grow quick and healthy;
  • Laying the turf rolls - It’s time to lay the turf rolls carefully. They are selected and delivered to your property on the day of the service, so they’re fresh. Our garden designers will lay them across the entire area that needs grass;
  • Edging - After the turf rolls are down, they get edged and levelled accordingly. This will improve the aesthetic look of the grass and the overall appearance of your new lawn. Our team will also further level the area if needed, using a turf roller;
  • Maintenance plan - It takes a while for the grassroots to fully form and the rolls to be attached to the ground. To achieve the best possible results with our turfing services and provide full customer satisfaction Ivan and Sons' professionals on-site will also provide tips and tricks on how to grow best and maintain your new grass. With this advice and a full maintenance plan prepared just for you, your turf will grow healthy and last longer. Proper care and maintenance is a crucial ingredient to a fresh lawn, so we're happy to offer our customized maintenance plan to our clients. 

Why Installing an Artificial Turf Instead of Real Might be a Good Idea?

Natural turf is an excellent choice for any garden, but there may be some cases where artificial grass might be a better idea for you.

Artificial turf is the perfect solution if you’re a busy homeowner, and you only need a low-maintenance grass. If you do enjoy the feel of a good and full lawn, you don’t have to accept real turf as your only option.

AstroTurf also provides a fresh green look, similar to real grass. Depending on your budget, artificial grass can also be a suitable option for your designated space. It is highly recommended for families with children and pets because it is easy to maintain.

Here is how the artificial grass installation service is performed:

  • Area clearance - Firstly the area will be carefully cleared of plants, weeds, rocks, stones and any other debris;
  • Levelling and establishing a base - The area will get levelled, and a base prepared to be established, according to the desired size. Our landscape gardeners may further need to remove or add soil and sand to formulate the base and compact it;
  • Laying anti-weed sheets - Once the base has been prepared and the area size established, our professionals will install anti-weed sheets on top of it. This will ensure weed growth prevention. Anti-weed membranes will also provide the quality and lifespan of your astroturf;
  • Endurance - To achieve long term stability, the artificial grass layers will also build a frame of joists and sharp sand. This will help secure the sheets in the best possible way and make sure your fake turf is here to stay.

Get Your New Real/Artificial Turf Installed in 4 Quick Steps 


Contact Ivan and Sons Gardeners and schedule a Free on-site visit with a garden designer of ours.


Welcome our chief landscaper on the day and show him around. He will thoroughly discuss the project details and clarify your vision for your space. Our specialist will compliment your ideas with professional tips and tricks. Measurements of the area will get taken.


You will receive a quote in writing involving all project aspects – the costs of materials, labour, waste collection and recycling.


When you decide to proceed with the quote, simply choose a starting date. Our team of experienced North London turf installers will execute the service flawlessly. They will provide all the tools and equipment, as well as the materials for the job, because Ivan and Sons Gardeners is a turfing company you can count on.

Curious What to Expect From Our Garden Turfing Services in North London?

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