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Expert Garden Irrigation System Services in North London For Fresh and Healthy Plants

If you are looking for the best irrigation system installation services North London has to offer, look no further.

Ivan and Sons Gardeners is a local family business with more than five years of experience in residential and commercial automated garden watering solutions installation, maintenance, and repairs.

Benefits of Having an Irrigation System Installed

An automated irrigation system is the easiest solution to water large flower beds and many plant pots. But smaller areas and a handful of planting pots can also benefit from it.

A well set up garden watering system is:

irrigation system services North London
  • Water-efficient – You can schedule the exact right water quantity to be distributed to your pots. You will not waste water and drown your plants never again;
  • Time-efficient - Watering by hand also means you strongly depend on the time you have left for that particular chore. But with an automated watering system, your flowers and shrubs will not have to suffer next time you are in a rush;
  • Water at the right time – Most plants need to be watered at specific times of the day, depending on the temperature and the season. Usually, the best time to water is early mornings or in the evenings, which allows the plants to control their water consumption and manage drought, heat and cold;
  • No need for a plant babysitter – Next time you leave on a trip, you do not have to organize for somebody to take care of your plants. If you do not spend that much time in your home but still want beautiful, healthy and blooming vegetation, irrigation installation will immensely help.

Here is How The Irrigation System Installation Service in North London Goes

  • Choosing an appropriate watering system for your needs - Depending on the flower beds' size and the number of pots in your garden, our landscaping specialists will select an irrigation system that can efficiently distribute the right water volume and cover the area;
  • Distance calculation from the water source to raised beds or pots - Our irrigation installer will take the proper measurements and prepare the materials.
  • Routing of the water pipes - All pipelines will get placed in a specific pattern so the system can water your garden vegetation as efficiently as possible;
  • Installation of the controller and connecting it to the water tap;
  • Setting up the irrigation system – Depending on the weather conditions and the types of plants you have, and their needs, our experts will set up the timer to water daily, several days a week or a period, at a specific hour for a selected time.

Get a New Automated Garden Watering System in a Few Easy Steps


A Free on-site inspectionContact us and arrange for a meeting between our irrigation installer and yourself to show us the area;


The visit – Once on site, the surveyor will inspect your existing plants, their size, discuss your personal preferences, how to use the garden space more efficiently. He will also estimate the project and take all the needed measurements;


Receive an offer – You will receive a detailed quotation for our proposal (up to 3 business days after the survey) with everything included - materials, labour, other project expenses;


Installation – If you decide to proceed with the quotation, just choose a starting date. Our team will arrive on-site at a convenient time for you, bringing all tools and equipment needed to carry out the service;


Demonstration – Once the garden irrigation system is up and running, our staff will show you step by step how to work and change the settings of your new system easily.

It's time to enjoy your new flower bed/pot irrigation system and forget about the watering can.

Ready to get a garden irrigation system installed?